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99 affirmations that can help with mindful weight loss

Healing all aspects of ourselves is necessary to find our ideal weight. We need to heal with natural food, regular exercise, a mindful presence, and the spiritual nourishment of self-compassion.

Many of us eat until we feel full for all the wrong reasons, seeking fulfillment through food by eating when we are bored or emotional. Eating for any other reason than the need for nourishment has created a well-worn path of bad habits.

Here's my proposition. If you have an abundant supply of self-fulfillment through self-love, a creative outlet, a life full of purpose and spiritual nourishment, then you are already "full," and satisfaction through food becomes less important. In this scenario, we are fulfilled by an inner sense of security and calm, so we simply eat for fuel and nourishment.

Real change begins in the mind, and it begins with a thought. Reprogramming the mind by replacing negative thinking that created the bad health habits in the first place is key, and it is a practical way to apply Eckhart Tolle’s wise words, "Get the inside right and the outside will fall into place."

Here are 99 affirmations that can help with mindful weight loss. Use one of them, some of them, or all of them!

1. I nourish my body with healthy, whole, fresh food.

2. I am filled with enthusiasm and energy.

3. I love to exercise in a way that is fun for me.

4. I am becoming lighter and leaner.

5. I am willing to change.

6. I eat to nourish my body.

7. I release the past and let it go.

8. My energy is increasing every day.

9. I am strong and healthy.

10. I choose to drink more water and stay hydrated.

11. I love how exercise makes my body and mind feel.

12. I eat only what I need.

13. I am healthy and happy.

14. I love to find fun ways to exercise on a regular basis.

15. I enjoy eating more fruits and vegetables.

16. I find healthy ways to comfort myself.

17. I am becoming stronger and slimmer every day.

18. I eat natural foods.

19. I am grateful for my health.

20. I am kind to myself.

21. I am open to new ways of eating.

22. I am patient with myself.

23. I choose foods that truly nourish me.

24. I chew slowly and mindfully.

25. I am becoming lighter and stronger every day.

26. I enjoy taking good care of myself.

27. I can do anything I set my mind to.

28. I enjoy working out.

29. I say yes to life.

30. My actions and behavior support my perfect weight.

31. I am flexible.

32. I listen to my body.

33. I see my body as an amazing miracle.

34. I enjoy a variety of wholesome foods.

35. Change comes easily to me.

36. I leave the past behind.

37. I am enthusiastic and decisive.

38. I love and care for my body.

39. I trust my intuition.

40. I welcome new healthy habits.

41. I focus on the good.

42. I allow myself to be happy.

43. I am grateful for a chance to begin again.

44. My body self-corrects.

45. I am relaxed and at peace.

46. I love the taste of healthy food.

47. I am ready to shed the burdens of my past.

48. I am grateful for all I have.

49. I arrange my life for the new, leaner me.

50. My mind and body are in harmony.

51. I see the beauty of my body.

52. I learn new ways easily.

53. I am in the process of healing on every level.

54. I greet each day with gratitude.

55. I am safe and trusting.

56. I am excited about my new way of being lighter.

57. I love foods that are alive with nutrients.

58. I speak to myself with kindness and compassion.

59. I am competent and capable.

60. I am in the process of bringing balance to my life.

61. I eat mindfully and enjoy every nutritious bite.

62. I treat myself in fun and healthy ways.

63. I am blessed with an abundant life.

64. I am a weight-loss master.

65. I choose positive thoughts.

66. I ask for help and support easily.

67. I am a complete and whole person.

68. I face both good and bad feelings with ease.

69. I respect myself.

70. I feel safe in a slender, healthy body.

71. I attract positive people and events into my life.

72. I am grateful to my amazing body.

73. I am confident and courageous.

74. I am relaxed and calm.

75. I embrace change.

76. I am glowing with health and energy.

77. I am honest and loving and peaceful.

78. I live a wholesome balanced life.

79. I forgive my past and let it go.

80. I can master my weight now and forever.

81. I love myself unconditionally.

82. My self-awareness is expanding.

83. I am filled with passion, hope, and purpose.

84. I am ready to release any extra weight.

85. I release emotional weight.

86. I love and accept myself unconditionally.

87. I release extra weight that no longer serves me.

88. I choose to be happy.

89. I am in the process of creating a healthier me.

90. Every day, in every way, I am getting better and better.

91. Change is good for me.

92. I make healthy choices.

93. I am lovable.

94. I am full of positive energy.

95. Everything I need is inside of me.

96. I live in moderation.

97. I eat slowly.

98. I release extra weight easily.

99. I am grateful for every new day.

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