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Why Chester County Nutrition & Weight Loss Management?

Based on the feedback received from patients who have worked with other dietitians in the region, June Kuz stands out in the following areas:

June Kuz feels passionately about the profound effect nutrition and fitness can have on the mind and body and loves to share her expertise with as many people as she can. She is professional, yet nurturing. Her coaching style is honest, direct, and provides accountability without judgment. June is upbeat and positive and will provide help when you’re frustrated, and remind you of your accomplishments. She is a good listener and will give you the time you need.

Chester County Nutrition wants you to have long-term success. We don’t provide a cookie-cutter diet to all our patients. We provide an individualized plan based on your medical condition that will meet your lifestyle and food preferences. With your input, we work together with you to create a healthy, well-balanced lifestyle plan that you will be able to follow for the rest of your life. We are dedicated to helping you reach your health and weight goals. June Kuz knows she cannot assist in all areas of your life. If necessary, she can connect you with other exceptional professionals to meet your healthcare needs.

Relaxing Expert Environment
Chester County Nutrition has a relaxing, peaceful atmosphere. It is not a sterile medical environment, yet our education and advisement is completely research-based. You are in the comfortable environment of being with someone who cares about you and your goals and has the expertise to help. June successfully counsels people from all walks of life. She works with numerous executives, blue collar workers, homemakers, children, and athletes and teaches all ages and levels.

Good Science
Perhaps the biggest challenge in nutrition is sorting out science fact from science fiction. June Kuz can provide objective, reliable information to help you to make better and safer therapeutic decisions. She provides high quality, evidence-based information about nutrition, weight management, fitness and integrative therapies.

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