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Health-e store

Our goal is to offer high quality supplements; sold directly from the manufacturer, shipped to ensure potency from certified and trusted brands that I regularly use in my practice.

 Amazon and many e-commerce sites are not involved in the quality control of supplements sold by 3rd parties on their site. This oversight may expose consumers to potentially harmful chemicals or even banned substances.

Several quality issues can arise when patients buy dietary supplements from third-party sellers such as Amazon and eBay including:

  • The patient doesn’t know the company making the product or how the product was manufactured, stored, etc.

  • Expired products can be sold because of a lack of oversight.

  • Products may not be warehoused properly (e.g., probiotics needing refrigeration).

  • Products could actually be counterfeit. 

 We offer discounts to patients to encourage them to utilize higher quality brands and discourage them from third-party purchasing.

Dispensary - All orders over $49 ship for free, typically takes 2-3 business days to arrive.

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