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Success Stories

My Irritable Bowel and Ulcerative Colitis Improved Immediately –
I feel better than I have in years!


“After being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and having suffered from worsening Irritable Bowel Syndrome for most of my adult life I decided to work with June. As a result, my digestive system improved almost immediately and my body gradually healed. I feel better and stronger than I have in years. I have enjoyed the process of changing my diet and enjoy finding ideas and cooking dishes I have never eaten before. My husband is enjoying the changes too.” 

Frances H.

Went from Falling Asleep at My Desk (Due to Epstein Barr) to Feeling Like a New Person


“Before working with June, I was fatigued, had memory loss and became depressed about not feeling well. I could barely make it through a day of work without trying to sneak away for a nap and found myself falling asleep on my desk.

I had spent the previous year a sick newlywed, having been diagnosed with Epstein-Barr shortly after my honeymoon. My husband and I wanted to start a family, but I simply wasn't well enough. When I came to June, I was at the end of my rope and was willing to try anything. June listened to my story and was compassionate (something I really needed!) as well as knowledgeable in how to help with my diagnosis. I did everything that June said to do and I was a new person. I am happy to say that our daughter, will celebrate her first birthday.”

Beth O.

Lost 10 Pounds, Cleared Up Digestive Issues and Feel Incredible!


“I highly recommend Chester County Nutrition! June Kuz is wonderful. She helped me very much with some digestive issues I was having, and I feel incredible now. I also lost over 10 lbs. along the way, which was an added bonus!”  

Clara E.

Only 4 Visits and My Migraine Relief is Unbelievable


“June is amazing. I have suffered with migraines for 17 years but they've been progressively getting worse in the last 5 years. I was forced to leave my job of 15+ years as I am struggling with w/vertigo, nausea, vision issues and extreme forgetfulness. After only 4 visit with June the relief has been unbelievable. Not completely gone but such a huge difference! I have already given her info out! HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!”  

Nicole W.

Working with June on my Food Sensitivities Has Totally Turned My World Around


“June helped me identify and learn to deal with a variety of food sensitivities through testing and careful listening. It has totally turned my world around. She takes the time to understand her patients and their symptoms. My issues were varied and weren't solved in a single visit, and that never deterred her. She also provided me with ample information so that I understood her recommendations fully, which was important to me. She spends the time and treats her patients as individuals.”  

Emily S.

I Look and Feel Healthier


“After suffering with multiple issues and being completely exhausted with my family physician, a friend referred me to Ms. Kuz. She is extremely knowledgeable, but also kind and supportive, understanding my anxieties and frustration. It didn't take long for her to get me on the right track nutritionally, and within a short time I started to feel (and look) healthier. She has been a true blessing!”  

Gayle G.

June is Empathic and Knowledgeable with Autoimmune Diseases


“June is a very compassionate dietitian who listens carefully to my concerns and symptoms. She is very empathetic, which I have found to be rare in today's fast-paced healthcare world. Extremely knowledgeable in autoimmune diseases, June understands the proper supplementation and diet to best improve my quality of life.”

Nancy J.

June Has Helped Me to Get My Life Back – I Now Have Energy and Feel Great!

“Before working with June, I was unable to do the things I loved because I felt sick and run down every day. Now that I have made changes to my diet I have never felt better! I have energy and I feel great. When people ask me, “what I am doing?” and “you look great”; I tell them about Chester County Nutrition! I highly recommend her for all your nutritional needs.

Amy P.

Working with June has Totally Turned my World Around

“She takes the time to understand her patients and their symptoms. My issues were varied and weren't solved in a single visit, and that never deterred her. She also provided me with ample information so that I understood her recommendations fully, which was important to me. She spends the time and treats her patients as individuals. June is relentless in trying to find solutions that will work for you and fit into your lifestyle. I have recommended her to my family members and friends many times.

Emily S.

3 Months and my Severe Bloating, Stomach Cramping is GONE, Eczema and Allergies Greatly Reduced and More Alert and Clear-Headed


“I reached out to June because I had been suffering severe bloating and cramping in my stomach over the past 7 years and thought this was something I just had to live with.  I’d already been to multiple doctors and did a lot of lab tests and was frustrated because there was never a conclusive diagnosis.  Additionally, I was dealing with eczema on my hands and legs, and had started feeling like I was waking up in a fog, despite exercising regularly, sleeping 8 hours/night and eating a healthy diet. 


Within 3 months of working with June and implementing my new eating plan, my stomach aches are gone, I wake up more alert, the eczema flare-ups are much less frequent and I have noticed an improvement in my allergy symptoms too. I never want to go back to how I was feeling before I worked with June!


I have already recommended Chester County Nutrition to both family and friends, and would absolutely recommend it to anyone who is ready to take the next step towards feeling better.”

Emily S.

I Recommend June to Anyone Who Wants to Start Living Better


“June has provided a wealth of information, insight, and practical solutions. With her guidance, I have developed a rich, diverse, and enjoyable physical and nutritional life that I will gladly implement the rest of my life. I recommend her services to anyone who wants to start living better. I have come to see exercise and nutrition as the fuel to maintain a happy life.”

Lisa B.

I Feel Much Happier, Not Deprived, Have More Energy and am Sleeping Better

“When first starting to see June, I had a ‘know it all’ attitude and a lot of challenges including allergies, sensitivities and digestive issues. She was willing to hang in there with me every step of the way, working through each and every challenge. Her practical nature, positive outlook and knowledge in her field have made the process enlightening and rewarding. I began to be more open to new ideas, new foods and new ways to heal the issues I was having. The test she suggested, has been a Godsend. I am now eating more variety of foods than I have in the last ten years!!! I feel much happier, not deprived, have more energy and I am sleeping better.  I have seen many nutritionists, and participated in many diet programs over the last 25 years. Working with June has been the most enriching because she listens to your whole self and I am learning a lot about myself in the process. This has not been a diet program for me but a discovering of myself and a journey to heal, be and feel my best!

Stacey L.

My Husband Is So Happy and I Sleep More Soundly

My husband is so happy to have his wife back in the morning! I use to wake up every morning and feel horrible, now I am up early and we can have pleasant conversations. I am also sleeping more soundly and getting restorative sleep.”

Stephanie D.

A Working Mother of 3, I Lost 70lbs in a Year!

“I lost 70 pounds over the past year went from a plus size to a size 8-10!  Being a busy, working mother of 3 kids and while nursing, I have managed to accomplish many goals. By learning how to adopt healthier eating habits and overcoming mentally frustrating plateaus, I was determined to be consistent even when I didn’t see the scale move!  I was still able to enjoy your favorite food (pizza) while reaching my goals. I am more energetic and I am able to implement an active lifestyle for my entire family.”

Carly K.

Panic Attacks Reduced More Than 50% and Cravings for Sweets Are Gone!

“As a person with a panic disorder I am constantly seeking ways to manage my GAD (generalized anxiety disorder) through means other than medication.  Since seeing June a couple of months ago, I am amazed at the difference I am feeling in my health. My instances of panic have dropped by more than half, and when I do have a panic attack, I can often identify a food that contributed to it. Also, I have a TON more energy than before. It's not a diet--June has taught me an informed perspective about eating that will keep me healthy. I feel so great, the cravings for sweets are gone, and I finally understand how to care for myself through the choices I make with food. Thanks, June!”

Genevieve B.

“Coming to see June is my happy place!”

Lani F.

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