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Meet Alane Degli Esposti


Alane Degli Esposti 
Wellness Counselor

Have you ever considered that there may be a synergy in food and lifestyle that may play a role in physical and mental health? Research continues to point to the interaction of the mind with the body in terms of GI health, disordered eating, the gut-brain axis and our emotional relationship with food. Alane is a licensed social worker who received her Masters of Social Service from Bryn Mawr College, a Masters in Journalism from Temple University, and a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Eastern University. She has long shared the Chester County Nutrition passion for the synergistic approach towards whole body health and functional medicine. She began her career as a nutrition and wellness writer.

In her leisure, Alane enjoys hiking and the outdoors. She finds pleasure in cooking and spending time with family and friends, here in the area and in Italy. Alane has two adult sons, daughter-in-law, her first granddaughter, and a sweet puppy who also enjoy hiking!

As a part of your wellness plan, she offers an initial 15-minute consultation. Please call 610-269-0923 or email

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