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Feeling Bloated?

Feeling Bloated? Do you have abdominal discomfort accompanied by constipation, diarrhea or both? This can make life miserable.

Research shows that the problem is associated with methane producing bacteria, which are out of balance in the gut. Left untreated, these out-of-place bacteria feed off food you eat creating excess methane gas that leaves you bloated and uncomfortable. Atrantil breaks this cycle naturally getting your digestion back on track.

Atrantil uses three natural herbs to break the cycle of methane-producing gas. The combined effect of peppermint, quebracho, and horse chestnut help to rid the upper gastrointestinal tract of unwanted methane producing bacteria. This helps normalize intestinal flora to support digestive health. Chester County Nutrition often recommends Antrantil as part of our 5 R's approach to gut health:






For more information, on Atrantil or our 5R approach to optimal gut health contact Chester County Nutrition

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